Code Name: Buyadeen
Current Division: Historical
Superspace Co-ordinates: -4.327, +2.737
Superspace Cluster: Caliphate
Original Division: Historical
Current Year: 1589 CE
Progress Level: 6
Law Levels: Apache Protectorate 6, New Rashidun Caliphate 7, other states vary
GRAPH ratings: Baseline standard
Notable Features: Advanced technology, off-world colonies
Dominant Languages: Arabic
Confirmed Baseline Bleed Point(s): Baghdad, Iraq

Overview: In 1589 C.E., this Earth is a balkanized, chaotic, cyberpunk dystopia where corporate-dominated city-states and micro-nations shift alliances like yesterday’s shoes, scrambling to unite in the face of a new, resurgent, expansionist Caliphate out of Baghdad that wants to reclaim the empire of old.

Point Of Divergence: The printing press was invented in late 8th-Century Baghdad, during the Golden Age of Islam, kick-starting the scientific revolution 700 years “ahead of schedule.” The Islamic world remained at the forefront of scientific innovation for centuries to come, even after governments and academia had been fully secularized by the late 12th Century. Men fought a world-war in the 1370s, walked on the Moon in 1401 C.E., and established the first Martian colony by 1475 C.E. The spread of computer technology, universal literacy, and instant access to information ultimately led to the collapses of national governments and the global Ulama by the turn of the 16th Century. Now, as the Islamic millennium approaches, deep reservoirs of belief and imperial pride are welling up in the cradle of modern civilization, and deciding the time is long past for someone to bring order to this decadent world ruled by unbridled corporate greed, shadowy hacker-princes, and drug-addicted anarchist street gangs.

Current Sketch: The millenarian New Rashidun Caliphate rose swiftly to power in Baghdad five years ago, and has since conquered nearly all of the ancient Abbasid’s territory. Had they stopped there, the rest of the world might have been content to leave them to it. But the self-proclaimed Caliph Sayf al-Din and his supporting council of Islamic scholars have begun to issue decrees they consider universally binding, and hinting that they intend to bring old-time shari’a to every corner of the globe and beyond. As a result, the micro-nations and megacorps have begun an intensified Machiavellian game, seeking to both oppose and capitalize on the New Rashidun’s success. This back-stabbing atmosphere of shifting alliances and brinksmanship has thus far made it difficult to form a united front against the Caliphate, but some successes are beginning to emerge. In North America, the Apache Protectorate has recently unified under reliable (if draconian) leaders, and even managed to reign in its megacorp presence for the time being. But it remains to be seen whether a sustainable coalition can be maintained, especially with the Apache’s Martian colonies chomping at the bit for greater independence. If the Caliphate can lure the Martians into their sphere, it will end the alliance before it begins.

Baseline Penetration: The only thing that terrifies the Task Force more than a Baseline jihadist cell gaining access to Buyadeen technology is the prospect that the New Rashidun (or any other power bloc on this tangent) will learn of the existence of other histalts and decide to exploit them. Infiltration of this tangent would be exceptionally difficult for any Baseline group, given the frightening surveillance capabilities of the New Rashidun and the megacorps. Thus far, no such infiltration has been detected, though the Task Force’s resources are extremely limited. They’d just as soon find a way to “lock” access to Buyadeen.

Other Tangential Penetration: None confirmed.


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