Code Name: Hamilton
Current Division: Historical
Superspace Co-ordinates: 0.3384, 9.992
Superspace Cluster: Napoleonic
Original Division: Historical
Current Year: 1810 CE
Progress Level: 3
Law Level: French Empire 5, Russian Empire 5, United States 4, British Empire 5, Ottoman Empire 5
GRAPH ratings: Baseline standard
Dominant Languages: English, French
Baseline Bleed Point(s): Mount Vernon, Virgina.

Overview: Currently embroiled in an alternate version of the Napoleonic Wars, this tangent is fascinating to Task Force scholars, as it gives them a chance to observe “alternate history in action,” rather than having to visit a timeline where the big changes are all in the past. Napoleon holds all of western Europe under his domain, has dealt a potentially-fatal blow to the British, has successfully blockaded the Straits of Gibraltar, and is laying siege to Constantinople while the neutral Russians carve up the Ottoman Empire.

Point of Divergence: In May of local 1798, this tangent‘s version of George Washington died a few months shy of his winter time death on Baseline. As a result of Washington’s earlier death, President John Adams, at the outbreak in July of the Quasi-War with Revolutionary France, had little choice but to appoint Alexander Hamilton commander-in-chief of a new Continental Army (on Baseline, he appointed the ailing Washington, with Hamilton as his deputy). Without Washington to restrain him, Hamilton followed through on his plan to invade French-allied Spanish Louisiana while the U.S. Navy harried French shipping in the Atlantic. This, in turn, sparked better relations with Britain, interested in harming French trade and seizing French territory in the Caribbean. And these events, in turn, led Napoleon to make different calculations, and follow through on his plan to invade Ireland instead of Egypt. The successful creation of the Hibernian Republic of Ireland in 1799 dealt a crippling blow to Great Britain, forcing them to divert resources to Ireland’s liberation. Afterward, on the continent, Napoleon made a long string of subtly different decisions and maneuvers that led to the present situation.

Current Sketch: As noted, Napoleon’s French Empire dominates western Europe largely unchallenged. By forcing the British to fight in Ireland and keeping them out of the Mediterranean, the French Emperor took the teeth out of the Third, Fourth and Fifth Coalitions against him. The American invasion of Louisiana solidified his alliance with Spain, which made the conquest of Portugal much easier than on Baseline. Throughout the period, Napoleon encouraged Greek and Baltic nationalist uprisings, and in 1809, used their oppression as a pretext for invasion. He is now personally overseeing the siege of Constantinople. Meanwhile, Russia has harried the Ottomans in Turkey, the Crimea and the Holy Land, while encouraging (along with Napoleon) Mehmet Ali’s uprising in Egypt.

Baseline Penetration: The Freemasons are (probably) all over this one!
Other Tangential Penetration: None confirmed.


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