Code Name: Diaspora
Current Division: Historical
Superspace Co-ordinates: +2.361, +0.138
Superspace Cluster: Yellowstone
Original Division: Historical
Current Year: 1997 CE
Progress Level: 4
Law Levels: Australian Bloc, 5; Brazilian Bloc 6; Soviet Bloc 6
GRAPH ratings: Baseline standard
Notable Features: Average global temperatures are about 1-3 degrees C colder than Baseline; tangent is suffering a “mini Ice Age.”
Dominant Languages: English, Mandarin, Spanish, Russian
Confirmed Baseline Bleed Point(s): Yellowstone National Park, USA

Overview: The United States no longer exists in this tangent, laid waste by a geological catastrophe that threw the northern hemisphere into climatic chaos for decades, and ultimately granted global hegemony to a reduced but still powerful Soviet Union, while generally shifting capitalist and democratic power to the southern hemisphere.

Point of Divergence: A worst-case VEI 8 eruption of the Yellowstone Caldera in the spring of 1947 effectively ended civilization in the United States, Mexico and Canada, at least long enough to pre-empt the Cold War and grant a (pyrrhic) victory to the Soviet Union. The Marshall Plan never rebuilt the capitalist west, and during the long volcanic winter that followed the eruption, food riots in Europe granted the Soviets the openings they needed to install puppet communist governments across the continent. But despite this victory, most of the northern hemisphere was reduced to Third World conditions. Global power shifted south, and so did the Soviets’ attentions.

Current Sketch: The current “superpowers” of the world are Australia (allied with India), Brazil (allied with communist China) and the Soviet Union, which controls all of Europe and, by proxy, nearly all of Africa. Global politics are largely defined by a “cold war” between competing visions of communism: the Stalinist Soviet bloc vs. the Maoist Brazilian bloc. The besieged Australian-Indian alliance keeps its head down, powerful enough to resist conquest but not daring to risk open conflict with either communist superpower.

On the North American continent, the land east of the Mississippi houses a new “United Socialist States,” established in the early 80s by Soviet sympathizers after a long and bloody interregnum. With the volcanic winter finally beginning to recede, refugee families who fled North America during and after the Yellowstone event are horrified by this state of affairs, and have begun applying considerable political pressure on the Australian government to fund their “reclamation” efforts. The entire world is gearing up for a race to control the now-fertile American heartland, and with a satellite state already on the continent, the Soviets have a potentially-devastating head start.

Baseline Penetration: The Baseline United States government may have infiltrated this timeline, but it is as-yet unclear to the Task Force whether the U.S. is more interested in aiding the refugees’ reclamation, or researching the consequences of a potential Yellowstone event on Baseline.
Other Tangential Penetration: None confirmed


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